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11 October 2010 @ 17:26
Happy coming out day!  
Quite bad that it's even needed, actually. XD To those who don't know: I'm bi. And have a girlfriend. Not that it matters, but it'd be useless to make this post without coming out myself. XD I usually don't officially do it, because no-one will go: "Hi, I'm *name* and I'm straight!" So why should people of other sexualities have to? (Worst thing about "coming out"? It never ends.)

Hopefully one day days like this aren't needed anymore, and things like gay pride will be a thing of the past. I still believe that in the future everyone will simply accept it. They did it in ancient times, so I don't see why we can't do it again.

And to anyone (apparently including many of my relatives; lovely to know) who thinks it's a bad thing:

(Credit to whoever made it.)
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Kim: Random - Bright coloursgolden_kimono on 15th October 2010 23:44 (UTC)
It can be difficult to figure that out, unfortunately. >_< I'm glad that people in the English department are usually a lot more accepting, though. XD

It is! If I knew who made it, I'd use it. XDD
Susaricah スサリカsusaricah on 11th October 2010 18:04 (UTC)
"Hi, I'm *name* and I'm straight!" So why should people of other sexualities have to? (Worst thing about "coming out"? It never ends.)

Hopefully one day days like this aren't needed anymore, and things like gay pride will be a thing of the past.

this, this and fucking this.
fxckthesystem on 12th October 2010 20:13 (UTC)
Seconded, or better yet, thirded.
Kim: Gackt - Bellegolden_kimono on 15th October 2010 23:45 (UTC)
Glad you think so too. ^^
Kim: Rose - prettygolden_kimono on 15th October 2010 23:45 (UTC)
Good to know other people agree. ♥
Kage: Hello New Super View Torakagechii on 11th October 2010 18:44 (UTC)
"Hi, I'm Chi-Yow, and I'm straight! :D/" I would use this line in the most spiteful tone, except I honestly don't know what I am. XD *EPIC FAIL* But yeah, I hope the whole 'coming out' thing becomes unnecessary in the future too, idiot close-minded people. *baps them with fry pan*

Icon win! XDb
Kim: Reita - flying Rukigolden_kimono on 15th October 2010 23:46 (UTC)
*laughs* XDD "I DON'T KNOW WHAT I AM!! DDD:" would be pretty amusing as well. :P People suck sometimes, but eh, there's still hope. ^^

I love it so much. XD
Kage: Nao appleskagechii on 16th October 2010 02:30 (UTC)
(Another icon win. XD &hearts)

*laughs* I suppose that could throw people off too. XDD (Oh look at me, hating the haters. *face-palm*)
Lust for life: not.enough.hot.chicks.with.gunsgratiela on 11th October 2010 18:52 (UTC)
I completely agree with your post!

I don't even want to go deeper on the level of intolerance in my country - but I'm hopeful too xD
(Despite the fact that only a very small number of my IRL/virtual friends know I'm bi *sighs*)
Kim: Random - Contrastgolden_kimono on 15th October 2010 23:47 (UTC)
Don't worry, I'm sure your country will get better as well. :) Over lots of time perhaps, but it will. >.>
(That's okay, not everyone has to know about it. ♥)
_tehrin on 11th October 2010 21:09 (UTC)
LOVE that icon! I knew about shrimp and working on Sunday...but bunnies? Oh Leviticus, why you so full of bs? :p
Kim: Reita - pull ongolden_kimono on 15th October 2010 23:47 (UTC)
I know, right? XD It's amusing, at least.
bubbalooee9bubbalooee9 on 11th October 2010 22:20 (UTC)
You shouldn't have to do this..but it's great that you have...for others even..

"Hi, I'm *name* and I'm straight!" So why should people of other sexualities have to?
THIS. I heard a comedian say it once and never forgot it...SO TRUE.

Love is love. Simple as that.
Kim: Nao - cutegolden_kimono on 15th October 2010 23:49 (UTC)
I wish I could do more, though in my own country there's not really a reason for it... Which is good, but, yeah. XD

It is! My cousin told me one of her co-workers thought that way; hardly anyone even knew he was gay.

Exactly. And people are people, it doesn't matter who they love.
Danikoyaaniisqatsi on 12th October 2010 07:22 (UTC)
That icon is epic.

Kim: Random - Apple doggolden_kimono on 15th October 2010 23:49 (UTC)
† Ñøβara †: buttsexnyanya_nobara on 12th October 2010 13:59 (UTC)
I love that icon sfm!!!!
Kim: Mizuki - darkgolden_kimono on 15th October 2010 23:49 (UTC)
It's really one of the best I've seen. <333 And I love yours as well. XDD
inkstaind_dream: London Foginkstaind_dream on 13th October 2010 01:43 (UTC)
You know I swear I don't get what's the obsession with people's sexuality. I mean you love who you love. It's also funny how people are always willing to give the whole it's a sin argument when speaking against homosexuality.

My friend and I were talking to a cab driver once about homosexuality. On the radio, people were giving their opinions on same-sex relationships. The driver said he was raised to believe it was wrong, the bible said blah blah blah. I also told him the bible speaks out against living in sin and yet that has been on the rage for the past century lol.

I'm sorry some of your relatives can't be more supportive, and that a coming out day is even needed (face meet palm). Maybe one day people won't be such idiots.

Now that I'm done rambling: hello friend *hugs you*
Kim: Tina - nomnomgolden_kimono on 15th October 2010 23:53 (UTC)
You made a very good point there. XD I hope you had some influence on that driver.

I hope so. :) I'm glad those relatives aren't any I'm very close to. My parents don't care, my siblings seem okay with it, and my favourite cousin is the most accepting person I know, so that's alright. Still frustrating, but I can deal with it. XD

Hello to you as well! *hugs back* I've failed at replying to comments and realised I haven't replied to several of yours. =_= Luckily I remembered this time. XD