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15 May 2017 @ 23:58
Friends Only  

If you want to add me, please drop me a comment. ♥ Unless I already know you from somewhere anyway, of course.

I'm not very active anymore, but I do check LJ sometimes and, every so often, I even update! Feel free to nudge me here - or anywhere else; links are at the side.

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Mizukikikai_no_yume on 9th November 2007 22:58 (UTC)
wah that was fast!XD
yay~ wel..not that i was that hard to rememberXD; heh...i feel guilty each time a person adds me and is like 'we met in london!'and I'm like 'uhh..i don't remember you but yay anyway!8D ' XD;;
Kim: Kai - livegolden_kimono on 9th November 2007 23:07 (UTC)
MSN was on. XD
Lol. XDD I only have sometimes that people say: "I saw you, I was right behind you in line, wearing this and that!" "...Cool.. ^^ But I can't recall you. >.> "
*Added back*
Mizukikikai_no_yume on 9th November 2007 23:12 (UTC)
lol same hereXD yay for msn\^^/
ah yeah! that tooXD Cosplaying uruha is a big bonusXD for the first time I was actually populair and everyone liked me, and ontop of that i got to sleep on people's laps instead of the cold hard groundXD;;;; (badside: getting raped&kidnapped XDD )
*coughs* en nu ga ik naar bedXD; weltruste~! =P
Kim: Kai - peacegolden_kimono on 10th November 2007 19:42 (UTC)
LOL, at least it had some advantages. :P
Hopelijk heb je goed geslapen. XD