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24 September 2010 @ 19:05

I can't wait for these guys to be back. ♥ (Gif not mine; found it randomly, but let me know if you know who made it.)

Also: hello, Kelsey! ^^
Current Mood: busybusy
凸(`ヘ´#)ノ: Alice in Wonderlanddreamachineries on 24th September 2010 17:07 (UTC)
Also: hello, Kelsey! ^^
Kim: Kenzo - darkgolden_kimono on 24th September 2010 17:10 (UTC)
What a coincidence. XD
凸(`ヘ´#)ノ: Tea Partydreamachineries on 24th September 2010 17:11 (UTC)
I'm still wondering why, though XD;
I never make public posts so there's nothing for her to read there. :P
Kim: Kai - HAHAHAHAgolden_kimono on 24th September 2010 17:16 (UTC)
Apart from this one there would be my FO post, a few anonymous memes, fanfiction (but that's oooold XD), one or two friends cut posts (might delete those, though) and my wishlist. And I doubt she wants to buy me a present. ^^;
景子: ルキ // Bentkiss_my_sperm on 26th September 2010 22:24 (UTC)
She should buy you a present. After all she put us through. Ungrateful bitch
Kim: Reita - unfgolden_kimono on 26th September 2010 22:25 (UTC)
Oh, I love you. ♥
景子: CL // Watch out for th-kiss_my_sperm on 26th September 2010 22:28 (UTC)
What, fucking bitch stalks us all on LJ when we dont give a shit about her at all. Lol.

This is fun. I hope she stalks us again to see this. About time she had something to actually report back.
凸(`ヘ´#)ノ: Cherry Pie & Ice Creamdreamachineries on 26th September 2010 22:32 (UTC)
Yeah it's like, once you fuck something up it's going to take more than some internetz stalking to make up for it. >_>


Let's all move on.
景子: Park // Hair Flickkiss_my_sperm on 26th September 2010 22:35 (UTC)
Like hell we'd even let them make up for what they did.

They have to live with their decision for the rest of their lives. Us? Well. We're Scoobies. We're cool and we're fly.

They can stalk me all they want; I'm better than them and they fucking know it
_tehrin on 24th September 2010 17:25 (UTC)
Kim: Dean - that was scarygolden_kimono on 24th September 2010 17:27 (UTC)
I love that one! :o ♥ One of the best moments ever. XDD
_tehrin on 24th September 2010 17:31 (UTC)
Young Jensen agrees with you.

Kim: Castiel - look downgolden_kimono on 24th September 2010 17:35 (UTC)
Castiel is intrigued.

_tehrin on 24th September 2010 17:41 (UTC)
Adam wants some love too.