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15 May 2017 @ 23:58
Friends Only  

If you want to add me, please drop me a comment. ♥ Unless I already know you from somewhere anyway, of course.

I'm not very active anymore, but I do check LJ sometimes and, every so often, I even update! Feel free to nudge me here - or anywhere else; links are at the side.

FO banner made by lucchibi
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Current Music: the GazettE - Bath Room
YuMibloody_story on 9th March 2008 16:38 (UTC)
Hi there =)
Mmh *is shy XD*
So i'd like to add you so i comment here XD
And i think you wanna know why XD
I discovered your fanfiction a while ago and really loved them, and i don't know why i became curious about knowing the person who write so well !
So that's why i'm here XD
I hope i don't sound too scary XD
Jaa ~
Kim: Uruha - live mouthgolden_kimono on 9th March 2008 21:04 (UTC)
Wow, I'll add you for that Uru-icon alone. XDDD

And thank you! ^^ You don't sound scary. XD *goes to add*
YuMibloody_story on 9th March 2008 21:08 (UTC)
X'D okay ... I didn't know Uruha has so much power even on an icon XD

Aaaaw *happy* <3333
Kim: Uruha - Guren hotgolden_kimono on 9th March 2008 21:12 (UTC)
I'm going through an Uruha-phase. XD I love pretty much everything about the man at the moment. >.>
YuMibloody_story on 9th March 2008 21:15 (UTC)
LMAO i can understand that ! i'm on an uruha phase for almost three years now XD i think there no cure to that XD
Kim: Uruha - wigglegolden_kimono on 9th March 2008 21:17 (UTC)
*laughs* I'm starting to think the same.. XD I should love Kai, not Uru, but I seem to be failing. :P
YuMibloody_story on 9th March 2008 21:19 (UTC)
You can love the both of them ! XD