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15 May 2017 @ 23:58
Friends Only  

If you want to add me, please drop me a comment. ♥ Unless I already know you from somewhere anyway, of course.

I'm not very active anymore, but I do check LJ sometimes and, every so often, I even update! Feel free to nudge me here - or anywhere else; links are at the side.

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Mizukikikai_no_yume on 9th November 2007 22:52 (UTC)
*poke* I think you're cool and a very good writer. And it was quite amusing that we kept talking in english while we already knew we were both dutch ,after the Gazeconcert in LondonXD (and if you don't remember me, I was the Uru cosplayer^^ )

Can I add you? ^^
Kim: Kai - pretty in blackgolden_kimono on 9th November 2007 22:55 (UTC)
Right back at you. XD Lol, yeah that was a bit weird. XDD Of course I remember you. ^^ And sure, you can add me.
Mizukikikai_no_yume on 9th November 2007 22:58 (UTC)
wah that was fast!XD
yay~ wel..not that i was that hard to rememberXD; heh...i feel guilty each time a person adds me and is like 'we met in london!'and I'm like 'uhh..i don't remember you but yay anyway!8D ' XD;;
Kim: Kai - livegolden_kimono on 9th November 2007 23:07 (UTC)
MSN was on. XD
Lol. XDD I only have sometimes that people say: "I saw you, I was right behind you in line, wearing this and that!" "...Cool.. ^^ But I can't recall you. >.> "
*Added back*
Mizukikikai_no_yume on 9th November 2007 23:12 (UTC)
lol same hereXD yay for msn\^^/
ah yeah! that tooXD Cosplaying uruha is a big bonusXD for the first time I was actually populair and everyone liked me, and ontop of that i got to sleep on people's laps instead of the cold hard groundXD;;;; (badside: getting raped&kidnapped XDD )
*coughs* en nu ga ik naar bedXD; weltruste~! =P
Kim: Kai - peacegolden_kimono on 10th November 2007 19:42 (UTC)
LOL, at least it had some advantages. :P
Hopelijk heb je goed geslapen. XD